If functionality, value and peace of mind are your key drivers, be assured that Formlify will meet your needs.

By choosing Formlify, your organisation is not only getting a powerful tool that helps you easily create functional forms, but also a comprehensive solution that integrates seamlessly with other systems such as EDMS, API integration, legacy systems, custom app and more.

Importantly, CIBIS has ensured that your data is exclusively hosted in Australia. When it comes to compliance regarding the privacy, confidentiality and security of your data, you can be assured it is very carefully managed and you rest easy knowing that WCAG 2.0 and the EU's General Data Protection Regulations can be fully supported by Formlify.


  • Build forms quickly with no special skills using Formlify Dashboard, Cool Tool and Drag and Drop
  • Add unlimited fields, vary layouts and add conditions at will
  • Conditionally make a field mandatory or optional based on values in other fields
  • Set permission levels for who can create, edit and approve forms and set the sequence based on triggers
  • Set start and end dates for forms that are time-sensitive
  • Show or hide sections for easier, fast filling by responders
  • Add workflows with status levels that match your processes
  • Add complex conditions, validations or other rules
  • Make fields optional or mandatory based on entered values
  • Allow images, notes or signatures to be added to your forms
  • Enable fields to be confidential or redacted or both
  • Enable access to users anywhere, via iOS or Android device
  • Access data from other business systems via API, to pre-populate forms or add insights or conditions
  • Integrate with legacy systems or acquire novel functionality via cost-effective custom apps
  • Enjoy enterprise-grade functionality without the enterprise-level price tag
  • Create unlimited forms for one low price; you only pay for forms that are submitted
  • Allow as many responders as you like; no need for individual accounts
  • Adhere to Australian compliance laws with confidence
  • Know your data is securely hosted in Australia and compliant with local regulations
  • Be sure of rapid, responsive, local support in Australia
  • Access advanced software development skills from a trusted local provider, if you have additional needs
  • Data Retention Expiry settings per form
  • Geolocation tracking on form responses
  • 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to retrieve Draft Responses
  • Custom Email Notifications
  • Custom Template Design
  • Custom Form URL
  • Data/text lookups from externally supplied data
  • Include Merge Fields within email notifications
  • Take payments via credit card (e.g. BPOINT or NAB)
  • Support for Sub-Forms (linked with Master Forms)
  • Data Sources (Import Data)
  • API Support
  • Automated Conditional Workflow
  • Type-ahead lookup input
  • ECM Enterprise Content Manager - TechOne & CM9
  • Integration with Civica's Authority Enterprise System (for Councils)
  • GreenID Identity Verification
  • RSS Feed
Further details on Additional Options can be found here.

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