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Formlify is an intelligent, purpose-built form-builder with inbuilt workflows and conditional logic, which is cost-effective to buy and easy for your staff and customers to fill.

That’s why Formlify is the form-builder of choice in diverse segments across Australia from higher education to government and Not-For-Profits. They choose Formlify because it’s the logical alternative to:

  • Simple form-builders that are inexpensive but don’t offer the flexibility or functions you need.
  • Complex, enterprise solutions that are expensive to buy and complicated for your staff to use.

Formlify can help your organisation too.

Choose your industry segment at right or below to discover how much Formlify could replace your paper-based forms and transform your operations:

Local Government – boost customer self-service and compliance and reduce admin costs.

Higher Education – adapt quickly to change without complicating your IT environment.

Healthcare – adapt to regulatory change and boost service levels to patients or residents.

Utilities – respond more quickly, adapt to change and boost customer service.

Not for Profit – stretch your funds further, boost compliance and adapt to change.

Finance & Insurance – boost compliance and service and respond to change more quickly.

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