Formlify for Australian Healthcare

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Your organisation

You are the General Manager, Facility Manager or Care Manager with a Healthcare or Aged Care facility. Your facility may have hundreds of patients or residents and staff, or you may be an NDIS provider working with a handful of consultants and contractors.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Delivering quality services to patients and residents
  • Making sure that patient or resident records are accurate and up-to-date
  • Ensuring accurate record keeping (such as incident forms, drug registers and training activities)
  • Making sure that your organisation fulfils its compliance obligations
  • Ensuring that your managers, supervisors, nurses and other staff operate in accordance with government regulations and your organisation’s protocols.
  • Your Challenges

    Your operating environment is constantly changing, with frequent adjustments in government legislation and compliance rules. Data security and privacy have also come under increasing scrutiny. As a result, reporting on adherence to these demands has become more time-consuming, as has preparing for exhaustive audits.

    Your current IT system is likely oriented toward the medical aspects of your facility, such as medical records and case notes. It may not provide the functionality you need to handle reporting on general operations, compliance demands and security issues.

    Your staff have probably created new paper forms and excel spreadsheets to fill the gaps and saved them on their PCs. This may have helped in one way but it’s also added complexity and inconsistency, making it harder to manage, control and comply. You’d like to improve your operational efficiency and streamline support systems, but you don’t have much room to move.

    Your Options

    1. Improve your existing systems
    If your legacy system has been in use for years, it may be hard to add the functionality needed to meet new regulatory demands or to address important operational issues. You could add point solutions on PCs to cover some new demands, but that could complicate the control and management of your systems environment. You could contract a software house to write additional programs, but this could be expensive and risky. This is your best option if operational complexity is not an issue.

    2. Use a simple form builder
    These are free or low cost online systems that let you build simple ‘free-form’ forms. They include several field types and features, but they’re not designed for complex applications. They’re not conditional or responsive, they don’t enable control of design, approval or publication, and they probably won’t integrate with your other operation management systems. These form-builders may save a little time, but leave the full benefits of automated online forms unattained. This is your best option if you need a more a quick fix than a long term solution.

    3. Use a high end, enterprise solution
    There are powerful and feature-rich solutions that deliver all the benefits that automated online forms can deliver. These enterprise solutions tend to be offered by large global software makers, at prices that reflect their comprehensive feature sets. They may well go beyond your needs, which can make these solutions more difficult to work, with even with extensive training. This is your best option if budget is not a key priority.

    4. Use a feature-rich, cost-effective solution
    These are intelligent purpose-built form builders with built-in workflows and conditional logic, that are cost-effective to buy and easy for users to fill. The smartest ones can integrate with other business systems by API or via custom app for legacy systems. The most popular ones are designed, hosted and supported in Australia, so compliance with Australian regulations, data security and ongoing support are assured. This is your best option if adaptability, value and peace of mind are key drivers.

    How Formlify can help your Healthcare Facility

    Easy operation and full control for your staff:

    • Intuitive ‘drag and drop’ forms creation, without the need for coding or help from IT
    • Unlimited fields, statuses, logic flows and vertical layouts, including your corporate branding
    • Advanced workflows linked to forms, giving you infinite control, variety and flexibility
    • Conditional logic so staff or customers see simpler forms, with only fields relevant to them
    • Notifications sent based on form submission, state changes or workflow step.

    Convenience and confidence too:

    • Forms that are attractive, intuitive, and easy and fast to fill
    • Ability to partially fill forms via smart mobile devices, and return later to complete them
    • Ability to add images, notes or signatures to your forms, so you can complete the picture
    • Marking of sections as confidential or redacted (such as credit card details) so privacy is preserved and privacy requirements are met
    • Integration with your payment gateway to make payments easy for patients or residents.

    Control and peace of mind for your IT and management teams:

    • CIBIS provides integration with EDMS, API integration with other business systems, and custom software for integration with legacy systems
    • Formlify’s workflows make compliance automatic and assured
    • Formlify offers value for money, with no limit to the number of forms published; you only pay for forms received
    • Peace of mind from knowing that design, hosting and support is by a trusted, long term, local provider
    • Formlify provides you with the means to make your operations much more efficient, by enabling your staff to design and deploy new forms as soon as they’re needed.

    If Formlify sounds like the advanced, flexible, cost-effective online form builder you seek to streamline your operations, please contact CIBIS.

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