Simplify your workplace with better online forms.

Life-Saving Logic Support

Supports simple and very complex validation rules
Conditionally show or hide entire sections of your form
Conditionally make a field mandatory or optional based on values in other fields
Add workflow to your form using your own status levels
Get alerts sent to you whenever a form is submitted
Set an automatic expiry date for your forms

Device Support

iPad, iPhone (iOS)
Android (phone or tablet)
Any modern web browser
The same form can run on a mobile device or online in a browser, increasing reach with no additional effort or cost

Unlimited Data Collection

No limit to how many forms can be submitted - and you only pay for forms received, not forms sent
Data can be exported in a Microsoft Excel or PDF compatible format at any time
Options to set data fields as redacted, confidential, or both
An API can be used to query your form data directly from your own systems
Integration with hundreds of Web Apps via the Formlify Zapier App. READ MORE


Why choose Formlify?

There are lots of compelling reasons to choose Formlify over other products, (irrespective of whether they are free or not). Many reasons are listed on this website, but sometimes it helps to know limitations of other products.

Some of the things you don’t want to be limited by (as found in other products) include:

  • Limits to the number of field types you can use
  • Your camera and or images can’t be uploaded or annotated
  • Responses are limited to one person only (e.g. each requiring their own Google account)
  • You are forced to use an active internet connection to complete the form (even if in remote places)
  • There are inherent limits to the flow of logic
  • No “Hide or Show” options, or conditionally required value tests (for instance >,  <,  =  etc.) and combined logic are not available
  • Limitations to layout options and it requires separate pages to work (even when based only on 1 question being displayed)
  • Limited, or non-existent workflow options

With Formlify, we’ve solved all these all for a simple low cost fee.

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